My Kingdom for the Princess

My Kingdom for the Princess! Princess Helen was visiting the neighboring kingdom of her uncle Sigmund, when all of a sudden…A tornado came and destroyed the lands. King Sigmund’s castle somehow withstood the storm, but the tornado woke Firemouth the dragon, who, according to legend, would not sleep again until he ate 37 people. The legend might be wrong, but the dragon had already eaten eight people, and didn’t seem the least bit ready to go back to sleep. And what’s more, Princess Helen found out that during the tornado, her father, King Olgert, had been struck by lightning. Nobody knew whether he would live or die. She must return home immediately but all the roads are in ruins. What we need is a knight to clear the obstacles and escort her home. A knight who will shout, “My Kingdom for the Princess!”

To download this games click :


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