Beetle Ju

Beetle Ju tells the story of a humble bug who rises to the occasion when aliens invade his subterranean home. Blending elements of Digger-style gameplay with those of an action game, Beetle Ju challenges you to dig through earth and brick to destroy the enemies trying to ruin our hero’s day. Although you can drop rocks and explosive acid on the invaders, you can also clear the way using an assortment of outrageous items ranging from Spray Missiles to Antigravity devices.

The very world around Beetle Ju changes as he cleans up, so our hero must be careful to avoid the alien biomass that eats through stone, to steer clear of explosions and to keep an eye out for falling rocks as he digs tunnels!

We recommend eating brain food before playing Beetle Ju in order to overcome all of the challenges in the original game and its many level packs. No matter how puzzling things seem, however, the cartoon visuals and goofy music will keep you smiling along the way!

To download this games click :


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