Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove – Collector’s Edition

Use your wits and Hidden Object and Adventure game talent to follow the trail of a group of missing graduate students in Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove!
Experience all the exclusive Collector’s Edition extras including bonus & Easter egg; levels and puzzles that reveal secrets related to both past and future Mystery Case Files episodes. The integrated Deluxe Strategy Guide also includes extra video outtakes, concept art, screenshots, and desktop wallpapers.

Game features:
* Studio-quality film delivers the story of the missing graduate students
* Explore the town of Dire Grove and the ruins that surround it
* Immerse yourself in a mystery thousands of years old
* Footage shot on location in Patagonia, Argentina

The Collector’s Edition includes:
* Early Access to MCF: Dire Grove
* Bonus gameplay that reveals MCF secrets
* New Challenge and Achievement system
* Deluxe Strategy Guide, integrated into the game
* Behind the scenes artwork and videos

System requirements:
* Windows XP/Vista
* DirectX 9
* 2 GHz
* 128 MB RAM

CLICK HERE and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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