County Fair

County Fair from TikGames is a hybrid of time managmeent and strategy gameplay that puts you in charge of operating fairs throughout the U.S. You’ll install dozens of spectacular rides, game stands and attractions; sell concessions like deep fried soda (huh?) and other “delicacies,” fire and hire staff to set up your dream team of carnies, and allocate resources across advertising, maintenance and more.
Your sick uncle has put you in charge of operating his fair business. Do you have what it takes to turn this failing enterprise into a flourishing money maker?

Game Features
* Choose From Dozens Of Rides And Attractions!
* Set Up Tasty Confections!
* Operate Fairs All Over The U.S.!
* Allocate Your Resources Wisely!

System Requirements
* OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
* Memory: 256 MB
* DirectX: 8.1 or later
* CPU: P 1.0GHz
* Video: 16mb 3D Video Card

CLICK HERE and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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