Drift City

About the Game: How to assert yourself, developers, Drift City – is a unique racing game, which adds to the genre elements of RPG. Players can customize the characteristics of his car in the most wide range, changing the components that will be required to assist in intense races, and when performing complex tasks. The developers decided to use pictures to visualize the engine of its own design, which works on until obsolete technology cell shading, which imparts Drift City a unique appearance.

In the near future, the infrastructure around the world was completely changed because of the global shortage of oil. This makes it possible to than all the public attention focused on the remote island Mittron in the Pacific, where he found a new type of fuel: Mittron. On the Island Mittron, the use of petroleum products no longer exist, because purified Mittron now namnoo important and profitable oil production. When used in cars people to appreciate the full potential of the new fuel. Vehicles using Mittron can go much faster, enough fuel for a longer time. For Mittron requires much less effort for its extraction and purification, the world leaders to follow the island, hoping to import the new fuel and to explore methods for its purification. Government of OMD, a leading Island Mittron, also seeks to shape an agreement with the rest of the world in order to share technology Mittron. However, a terrible threat to global progress appear. Mysterious cars called HUV, appear on the streets of Islands. The destabilization in the region, theft of raw materials, destruction of cities, terrorizing the population – that’s their main goal. In order to remedy the situation, the Government requested the assistance of the best racers from around the world. You do a mission that OMD government assigns to you at various other stations, where you work. Whether you are looking for persistently HUVs, deliver donuts, or drive through the route in the zone of battle, your skills will determine your success on the Isle of Mittron.

Information about the game
Genres: Arcade / Racing (Cars) / RPG (MMOG) / 3D / Online-only
Language: English only
Developer: NHN USA
Publisher: NHN USA
File Size: 747 Mb

and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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