Pastry Passion

Whip up a passion for puzzles with this sweet treat! Help Henri, a high-spirited baker with a penchant for pastries, arrange scrumptious ingredients into groups of three or more to make colorful confections. Boost your bakery with helpful tools and rise to the rank of Master Pastry Chef in level after level of mouth-watering matching fun! Featuring two original game modes, special in-game trophies, and rich full-screen graphics, Pastry Passion is a delightful indulgence for your mind!

Game Features
* Make A Variety Of Pastries And Cakes!
* 60 Scrumptious Levels!
* Play Patisserie Or Arcade Modes!
* Tons Of Achievement Trophies To Earn!

System Requirements
* OS: Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
* Memory: 256 MB
* DirectX: 8.0 or later
* CPU: P 1.0GHz

and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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