Restaurant Empire 2

Restaurant Empire 2 ultraprodvinutom In this simulator, the player to become a restaurant magnate. Starting with a small restaurant on the corner of the street, you will have the chance to establish a network of restaurants across the city, and possibly the world! Given the needs of the population and the place where it will build another restaurant, you get the glory deftly and wealth!

Remember that the “Restaurant Empire 2” you can not only deal with the economy, but also building walls of restaurants, buy furniture, and hire employees of different qualifications. You know, as you can see, as delight with its new kitchen that fat on the table? Simple! Given the fully three-dimensional environment, and highly detailed graphics, a simple rotation of the camera, you can locate the customer, both for the bathroom! We should not feel embarrassed, perhaps due to the negligence of the cook poisoned customer? To put this claim in several thousand dollars. Hence the conclusion that you need to follow for each client …

* More than 1,400 of the situation
* Over 600 different recipes
* You can create your own recipes
* The most real simulator restaurant empire!
* Beautiful, highly detailed three-dimensional graphics;
* Pay full attention to their customers: they want some special dishes, others may not like the service;
* Advanced management staff: prostitute firefighters, security guards, janitorial, waiters, cooks, and many others.
* One-on-one with artificial intelligence: to try to be better than a computer. After all, is being and will be determined by the best restaurant!

Hard Drive Space: 2GB
Processor: 1GHzCPU
Placa de video 128MB 3D card compatible with DirectX9

CLICK HERE and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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