The Jolly Gang’s Spooky Adventure

In The Jolly Gang’s Spooky Adventure, we meet Moxxie, a twentysomething city girl with a bare midriff and a limitless supply of wisecracks. She also has a job as a reporter for a supermarket tabloid that specializes in spooky encounters, so it’s no surprise when her editor sends her to investigate a ghostly appearance in a psychic’s apartment. Solve hidden object puzzles, beat mini-games and chat with Moxxie’s dense but good-natured pals as you work your way from one vibrantly animated scene to the next in The Jolly Gang’s Spooky Adventure!

System Requirements:
# Operating System: Windows 2000 or better.
# Processor: Pentium or better.
# Processor Speed: 800MHz or better.
# System RAM: 256 MB or more.
# Video Driver:DirectX 8 or better.
# Hard Drive: 100 MB free hard drive space or more

CLICK HERE and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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