Simplz: Zoo

Create and personalize your very own zoo! Simplz: Zoo combines two types of games, simulation and puzzle, into one unique adventure. It’s up to you to decide which animals to add to your zoo, and exactly where to place them. Every month is a new challenge as you balance customer wants with the zoo finances to make your zoo the best in the world! Filled with more than 90 comical animals, fun and challenging game play, upbeat music, and hidden secret codes, Simplz: Zoo is a roaring good time for everyone!

System Requirements:
* Operating System: Windows XP or better.
* Processor: Pentium or better.
* Processor Speed: 1GHz or better.
* System RAM: 256 MB or more.
* Video RAM: 32 MB or more.
* Video Driver:DirectX 9 or better.
* Resolution: 800×600 or higher.

CLICK HERE and get instructions to download this game FULL VERSION


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