Dress Shop Hop

Help Bobbi make cool custom clothes! Fulfilling your desire to find that perfect outfit every time, Dress Shop Hop™ incorporates the plate-spinning fun of the Diner Dash® series with the added challenge of using a set of wacky machines to make the exact clothing match. Can you keep the customers happy and Bobbi’s business afloat?

Game features:
2 modes: Career, Endless Reception
50 levels of gameplay
5 unique shops, from Dinertown to Miliano
11 customer types

System requirements:
Windows XP/Vista
DirectX 7
700 MHz
128 MB RAM

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Dress Up Rush

Jane is all set to start her new business! She’s opening an awesome boutique and wants to make it more that just a clothing store. Help Jane turn her boutique into a magic world of fashion where customers can enjoy their coffee, read fashion magazines and listen to nice relaxing music while choosing clothes from the newest collections!
Upgrades such as comfy chairs, fashion magazines and relaxing music keep your clients happy and spendy while they shop from the newest fashion lines! Work you way up to international fashion fame in Dress Up Rush! Create your own world of fashion in the new game from Realore Studios!

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Detective Barbie – In the Mystery of the Carnival Caper

Detective Barbie: In the Mystery of the Carnival Caper
Barbie is no longer just a pretty face. She can do any and everything, and to prove it, she and her good friend Becky have just completed a training course at ? Detective Academy? The newly credentialed gumshoes immediately stumble upon a crime that Barbie calls ?The Mystery of the Carnival Caper? Despite their excellent crime stopping abilities, the girls need help from the newest junior detective–guess who?

The fall carnival has come to town, and Barbies pal Ken is in charge of the finances — money which will be donated to charity. But when he volunteers to help the magician with her disappearing act, he disappears for good — along with the charity money. Barbie and her partners must search the carnival for clues that might lead them to find Ken, the missing money and the person responsible for their inopportune departure.

The user controls Barbie’s movements, as she saunters among the many carnival attractions. Clues appear in the form of green highlighted objects that can be photographed and placed in the ? Crime Computer. In addition to clues, Barbie interviews carnival personnel (who double as prime suspects), and gathers tools that will allow her access to previously unavailable places (including chests, trunks and coffins large enough to hide an abducted Ken).

Combing the carnival for clues is definitely not all work and no play. There are many virtual rides, and taking is a requisite part of the search. At times a spooky figure clad in black appears and Barbie gives chase, jumping off the carousel, or twisting and turning at high speeds on the ?Crazy Slide Ride. The suspect is elusive, however, and refuses to be apprehended until the right clues have been collected.

Educational Value
Despite the quest undertaken in this program, it provides very little opportunity for real problem- solving or intellectual development. At times, the user must
understand the clues to benefit from their guidance, but in general they are totally predetermined and do not rely on the user to unravel their meanings.

System Requirements:
Wind0ws 95/98
Compatible with XP
Like nearly all Wind0ws 98 games, this game is compatible with XP. But, you can’t just install the game without thinking.
In file explorer, right-click Setup.exe and set Compatibility for Wind0ws 98. Now run setup.exe.
Again, before running the Barbie game, right-click the EXE file and set compatibility to Wind0ws 98.

Burn all contents to a CD-ROM.
When it asks you if you want to register say “No”.

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Barbie Explorer

Barbie Explorer is a game of the Adventure genre, for the PC.
Barbie Explorer is published by Vivendi Universal, and currently has a rating of “Everyone” from the ESRB. What They Play will be providing further details on this game in the near future.
Please check back soon, as our experts are adding new content on a regular basis.

If you have played the game, please share your thoughts on it in the “What you say” section below. Click on the”Write a Review” button and tell other parents about your experiences.
Did you like the game? Were there any parts of it that you thought were inappropriate for your kids?

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Barbie – Beach Vacation

Go on the ultimate vacation and play all your favourite seaside activities with Barbie!
Get ready for fun-filled days at the beach with Barbie and her friends! Photograph underwater sea creatures, build amazing sandcastles, learn the latest island dances, go surfing and more. Play exciting games to earn everything needed for the greatest beach bash ever! Win tiki torches, beach umberellas and even the music for your party. Plus, choose the fashions for every event including the Souvenir Photo Album, where you take the perfect photos of your vacation, it’s non-stop fun in the sun!

Create a fantastic sandcastle with Barbie and win the contest! Show your best water ski tricks at the lagoon! Throw a beach party! Choose the place, the decoration, the music and more! Dress Barbie for each island adventure!

Play Benefits:
* Combines creativity and adventures in seven fun-to-play activities.
* Encourages artistic expression and imagination!
* Offers challenging game play for hours of fun on the computer!

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/ME/2000
Pentium II 233 MHz processor or faster
12x CD-ROM drive or faster, 32 MB RAM (64 MB Windows 2000)
95 MB available disk space
16-bit DirectX-compatible sound card
DirectX 8.0, SVGA color monitor
16-bit DirectX-compatible video card (640×480 resolution)
Keyboard and mouse

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Barbie as The Island Princess

Barbie as The Island Princess follows the storyline of the popular DVD launch in a fun Party-Style format. You’ll play as Rosella, the shipwrecked princess, who is raised by a family of animal friends and rescued by the adventurous .Prince Antonio from her tropical island. Through a series of mini-games joined by music & characters from the movie, you will venture from Rosellas island home to Prince Antonio’s coastal castle to win the heart of the Prince! It’s designed for players of any skill-levels and is packed with music, singing, dancing and more! With lots of exciting unlockable content and the ability to play as your favorite character from the movie, you will have hours of fun with Barbie and all her friends!

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Barbie Diaries

Based on the popular Barbie Diaries DVD movie, High School Mystery finds Barbie, Tia and Courtney in some puzzling situations that will require some real sleuthing to resolve. Help Barbie explore her high school in search of clues. Talk with classmates and teachers to uncover new leads and find the culprits. Solving mysteries has never been so much fun!

* Activate the BDA (Barbie Diary Assistant), packed with lots of cool investigative tools like the Picture Descrambler, Infrared Viewer and MP3 Decoder.
* Explore 19 different locations at the high school including the cafeteria, Principal’s Office and even the roof.
* Keep on your toes as you follow the clues through a food fight, a gymnastics class and a wild soccer practice

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Barbie Horse Adventures – Riding Camp

Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp puts you in the role of Barbie as you explore the wilderness with your horse. It is the ultimate in horse racing as you and Barbie compete for victory.
This role-playing game takes you to riding camp, where you develop riding skills, perform a variety of horse care tasks, explore and go on adventures. It’s a quest-based gameplay in an open world where you have the freedom to explore the entire island, compete in time-trials and challenges, and earn trophies, medals and ribbons for outstanding performances. Added with customization features, clothes and accessories are Unlocked as you complete your quests.
15 different horses are also available for riding, each with their very own personalities, unique qualities and individual skill sets. There are also 8 unique locations to explore, in a race to reach the finish line

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Barbie – Pet Patrol

Get ready to join Barbie on lots of exciting rescue missions to search for over 20 adorable animals, including kittens, puppies, bunnies and more! You, Barbie and her sister Stacie work as a team at the Pet Rescue Centre to care for each animal by feeding, brushing and even bathing them! You can also play fun games and activities with every pet! Plus, find clues to lead you to the mystery animal that has been causing mischief around Green Arbor Park!

* Search for pets in the park, garden or playground! Figure out the best way to rescue each animal!
* Brush, feed and pet the rescued animals with Barbie!
* Give your puppy a bath by using the special on-screen cursor!

System Requirements:
* Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98
* Pentium 200 MHz or better
* 32 MB RAM
* 95 MB disc space for installation
* 20 MB free disc space to run
* 8x CD-ROM Drive
* Colour Monitor
* 16-bit sound card and speakers
* 2 MB PCI-based video card
* DirectX 7.0 certified drivers for video and sound cards

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